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Eyecast service requires a broadband Internet connection. In case the customer has no Internet service, Eyecast can either provide or recommend one.

Video Streams Eyecast charges a monthly fee per video stream. Each existing camera can be run on an individual stream or four cameras can be multiplexed into an individual stream. In the case that four cameras are multiplexed, users will have a “quad-view” experience where each camera image will have 1/4 of the size of the single stream image. This allows the customer to have service for up to 4 cameras for the price of 1.

Internet Connection Upload Speed: Most broadband Internet services are specified with Download and Upload speeds.  Usually the Download will always be specified as a higher speed than the Upload.  The Upload speed is the important number for Eyecast services.  The calculation for the number of cameras that can be used with your broadband Internet service is simple as long as the correct Upload speed is known.

Calculation: Each camera using the Standard Service (normal resolution) consumes 60Kbps of upload bandwidth, while each camera using the Premium Service (high resolution) consumes 160Kbps.  Add them all together and subtract it from your Upload speed.  For example: 4 cameras running on an individual stream each on premium service will require an upload bandwidth of 640 Kbps or 0.64 Mbps.

You can also contact us and we will validate the capacity on your broadband Internet connection.