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Eyecast solution is the lowest cost, highest reliability, easiest to use video surveillance service available on the market

Residential Solutions Theft of property is the most frequently occurring crime in the United States. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 75% of all crimes in the United States are property thefts. In 2009 there were about 11.7 million reported.

Although property theft is not in the same league as violent crimes, it still leaves the victim feeling violated. If prevention can not be achieved, recovery or identification and prosecution of the criminals is the next best outcome for victims of a crime. Video Surveillance is one of the most effective tools for identification and eventual prosecution of criminals and it is often effective as a deterrent. In addition to the benefits relating to conventional crimes, Eyecast Cloud based video surveillance can be used as an effective tool for the following applications;

Alarm Verification Avoid costly false alarm fines when your alarm system goes off when no one is home and the police are dispatched. You can perform visual verification of the premises through Eyecast service and cancel the police call.
Kinder Care If you have children at home or at a day care center, Eyecast video surveillance will help you keep a vigilant eye on them while you're away. It is also a great deterrent against potential harm to your children.
Video Doorbell Door Entrance Monitoring, Video Intercom functions and remote door lock control.
Worker Watch Keep an eye on housekeepers, contractors and home deliveries when you are not at home. Even unlock the door from your remote computer.
Elder Care Watch your older relatives while in Assisted Living Care or Nursing Care facilities for peace of mind.
Vandal Watch Is someone keying your car, writing graffiti over and over again, or illegally parking or dumping trash in your yard ?
Lawsuit Prevention Avoid being scammed by fake "Slip and Fall" injuries.
Pet Watch Keep an Eye on Pets from your office or smart phone.
Home Watch Get notified through Eyecast system when the power fails in the house, the temperature drops or rises to a level you set (from failed A/C or heater) or your house gets flooded.








Home ownership is a big responsibility and having the peace of mind that everything is OK at home is invaluable.  Being able to access house cameras from anywhere, anytime, is a must.  Choosing the right video surveillance solution can be difficult.  Many times home owners purchase video surveillance systems (DVR and cameras) and realize they can’t install or operate them without professional help because;

Complexity DVRs are complicated systems that require technical skills in a few areas; handyman for physical installation, computer expertise, networking knowledge and video expertise.o customer configuration required, Eyecast systems auto-configure for trouble free installations.
Inflexibility many in house video surveillance systems don’t allow you to view live and recorded video remotely across the Internet, and for the ones that do, it is complicated.
Poor Reliability The average life span of a DVR before a critical failure occurs (disk drive, power supply or CPU failure) is 22 months.  Other failures (hardware and software) are more frequent.
Difficulty to retrieve critical video getting video from a DVR can be very difficult. Typically, a CCTV company or the original installer needs to be hired to retrieve the video days after the event.
DVRs are stolen DVRs require an upfront capital expenditure and in today’s new high tech world, thieves will very often steal your DVR.  This causes 2 problems; you lost your investment in the DVR and you have no evidence to catch the culprit(s). Mobile phones or computers.
Watermarking of Video With Eyecast service all video is stored in the cloud and protected with watermarks to insure the video is tamper proof. As a third party, Eyecast maintains chain of custody on the Video to insure it can be used for evidentiary purposes in a court of law using the "Archive" capability.
Safe, reliable long term storage Since all your video is stored at Eyecast cloud, video can never be inadvertently lost, erased or taken. Eyecast systems are redundant and have many levels of backup for non stop, no fail operation. Video can be archived for as long as needed.
High quality video Eyecast has the highest quality video images in the industry using JPEG2000 encoding technique.












Overcoming Residential Video Surveillance ChallengesIn today's world of high crime, high unemployment, and fast paced life styles homeowners have a greater need for security than ever before. They need an affordable, easy to install and easy to use video surveillance system. Additionally, these systems should not require any maintenance, they should never fail and they should always be accessible from any mobile smart phones or computers anywhere and anytime. Eyecast Cloud based service is:

Easy to install An Eyecast encoder looks like a small modem and is connected to the internet and the security cameras. If you have existing cameras, you can be up and running with service in less than 1 minute and you will have a 24/7 video surveillance service accessible anywhere.
Ease to Use Simple to use all you need is Internet Access and a browser. The user interface looks like a virtual VCR. Anyone can easily access live and recorded video, no expertise or training required.
A Never Fail System: Unlike DVRs, you will never be out of service from a disk drive failure, power supply failure, CPU failure or any type of failure from the storage device. There are multiple levels of redundancy that guarantee your stored video is safe, tamper proof and always available.
The Most Affordable Solution Eyecast offers a very affordable monthly subscription based service that starts at $7.95/month. No up front capital cost to pay for the storage device (DVRs).
High quality video Eyecast has the highest quality video images in the industry using JPEG2000 encoding technique






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