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Retailers can add POS intelligence to their video for an extra few dollars per camera per month with Eyecast service instead of spending thousands on DVRs with integrated POS functions.

Programmable SolutionsEyecast encoders have native telemetry interfaces and software capabilities that enable them to communicate with many other systems such as Point of Sale (POS), Radio Frequency ID (RFID), Uninterruptable Power Systems (UPS), sensors, credit card processing systems and alarm panels. Imagine the value of being able to hit the "audit" button at the end of the day that will playback video from 30 seconds before and after the "void" button was hit on a cash register and you can see if the customer actually returned the item being voided. It doesn't have to be a void transaction, it can be any transaction designated as exceptions to normal business practice such as free ticket, delete line item, change in price, cash drawer open, etc.

Wouldn't it be nice to get a text or email when the UPS switched from A/C power to battery backup indicating a problem with the power at the location of your video surveillance cameras ?

With Eyecast's unique programmable video surveillance system, Eyecast develops and customizes the software capability to identify exception events for our customer's business with no engineering charge. These exception events are tagged within the Eyecast system as "high value" video. Once developed, the video surrounding (both before and after) the exception events are tagged so that at the end of the day or at any time desired, the high value video can be quickly and easily retrieved without sitting through and watching hours of useless video.

Eyecast charges an extra few dollars a month per camera to use the customized capability rather than charging thousands of dollars up front for a specially programmed DVR in each store location. These high cost, capital intensive DVR based solutions usually also include a pricey monthly service fee of a couple of hundred dollars per month per DVR for maintenance and upgrades. Eyecast is revolutionizing this market and putting an end to the high cost of POS and other device intelligent video surveillance solutions following the "Software as a Service" model and incorporating it into Cloud based video surveillance.

Contact your Eyecast service provider representative or use the contact us page to find out how your business can benefit from Eyecast's Programmable, Cloud based video surveillance service.


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