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New Visual Verification LawsPolice throughout the US are dispatched by alarm companies every minute of every day to respond to home and business alarms. Well over 95% of them are false alarms. In recent years, emergency service agencies have had budget pressures and have been forced to cut spending or increase revenues. Many police departments reach as high 10-20% of all dispatches for false burglar alarms. Consequently, this has been and will continue to be an area of focus for cutting cost or generating revenue for the police departments.

Many police departments in the US no longer respond to alarms unless someone has visually verified criminal activity. Other departments are starting to charge large fines/fees for responding to false alarms. With advances in video and telecommunications technology, it is becoming more acceptable for the police departments to limit their responses to "visually verified" criminal activity.

The Video Surveillance industry has experienced some Legislative Changes, Political Changes, and Commercial Incentives for improving the efficiency of police response to crimes. A number of Countries have introduced legislation to prevent or limit police response to alarms that are not "visually verified". As of January 2006, 27 cities in North America have adopted a "verified response" policy including 25 in the U.S., about ½ of those in Colorado and Utah.

In year 2000 France passed legislation that prohibited Police from responding to alarms that were not visually verified. This was enforced by imposing a $500 per incident fine for monitoring services that dispatched police for false alarms. Similar legislation was passed in the Netherlands and Australia.
The U.K. has a standard (BS for British Standard) referred to as BS8418. To be compliant with the standard, starting year 2000 all remotely monitored alarm systems must send two distinct alarm signals from two different sensors to reduce false positives from defective equipment and improper threat assessment. Starting year 2003, detector activated CCTV systems were required across the entire monitoring service industry to reduce the number of false alarms.

Eyecast Cloud based video surveillance solution can pay for itself just in reduction in fines for false alarm dispatches in municipalities or counties that charge fees for false alarms. If they are not here yet, they are coming soon !



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