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Most companies make big money on installation. Eyecast installation cost is usually less than ½ of what an independent CCTV company would charge.

The EncoderInstallation of Eyecast encoders is easy and quick and it can be done by the customer or by an Eyecast or 3rd party installation technician. By following the Eyecast instruction manual that comes with the encoder, installation should take about 5 minutes if the cameras are already installed. In case that assistance is needed, Eyecast personnel are available to provide remote assistance for the installation.

If you are replacing an existing DVR, you simply disconnect the coax cables from the DVR and connect them to the encoder, plug in the power cord and hook up the Ethernet cable from the encoder to the Internet modem. If there is no DVR, just hook up the end of the camera connections to the encoder (BNC connectors) and the rest is the same. You can verify the system is hooked up and working by looking at the LEDs on the encoder and the system begins recording video to the cloud !


The Cameras

If customers already have cameras installed, plugging the cameras into the encoder is all that needs to be done. In case there aren't any cameras installed, Eyecast sells cameras at cost (usually about 60% off retail prices) and offers camera installation services also at below market prices. The customer is welcome to purchase the cameras anywhere they want or use existing analog cameras and do the installation themselves or hire a competent 3rd party. However, unlike CCTV companies selling cameras and performing installation which is their sole source of profit, Eyecast doesn't make money on cameras or installation, instead, we are focused on getting as many customers as we can on our service.


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