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The return on investment (ROI) for business customers using Eyecast service can be measured in days, not months or years.

Business Solutions The right video surveillance solution can mitigate these issues. Looking for the right video surveillance solution is not easy, especially without CCTV experts on staff. Many business owners and managers choose to purchase an in house, DVR based video surveillance solution on their own and later find it is more difficult than they or the IT staff expected.

What are the disadvantages of an in house, DVR based video surveillance system?

Requires 3rd party expertise to install and configure.
Complicated to use, typically requires training of employees or IT staff to operate.
Difficulty to retrieve critical video; sometimes days can be lost trying to find important video and figure out how to export it.
Remote Retrieval through the Public Internet can be difficult or impossible with DVR because of the requirement for a static IP address and complication associated with it.
Video can be intentionally or accidently erased by any employee resulting in loss of critical evidence.
DVRs fail regularly because of disk drives, power supplies, and power spikes.
DVRs are easily defeated or stolen during theft.
Storage limitation; DVRs have limited, non-redundant storage space.
Video Resolution is often poor because of the way DVRs are configured.
DVR Video can't be used in court due to tampering risk.









Overcoming Business ChallengesEyecast Cloud Based Video Surveillance service is designed and engineered to overcome all the problems described above with an in house, DVR based video surveillance system. The Eyecast systems communicate with external systems such as POS (point of sales), alarm, [future] RFID technology, UPS's, photobeams, and other systems through telemetry to insure your video surveillance system will continue to add value in the future. For only a small monthly fee, Eyecast service can be activated and begin to provide trouble free video surveillance service unmatched by any other company in the industry.

The Eyecast solution was engineered to make business owners lives easier so they can focus on their core businesses while we provide a video surveillance service that is:

Simple to Install No customer configuration required, Eyecast systems auto-configure for trouble free installations.
Simple to Use All complexity associated with managing DVRs are replaced with a user friendly service that can be used by anyone; no training required.
No Upfront capital cost Investment in DVR equipment is no longer necessary. These expenses are replaced with a low cost monthly subscription fee.
Easy to retrieve critical video Business owners can retrieve recorded critical video in a couple of minutes, effortlessly.
Universal Services With Eyecast service business owners have access to live and recorded video any time regardless of where they are. All they need Internet access through their mobile smart phones or computers.
Watermarking of Video With Eyecast service all video is stored in the cloud and protected with watermarks to insure the video is tamper proof. As a third party, Eyecast maintains chain of custody on the Video to insure it can be used for evidentiary purposes in a court of law using the "Archive" capability.
Safe, reliable long term storage Since all your video is stored in the Eyecast cloud, video can never be inadvertently lost, erased or taken. Eyecast systems are redundant and have many levels of backup for non stop, no fail operation. Video can be archived for as long as needed.
High quality video Eyecast has the highest quality video images in the industry using JPEG2000 encoding technique.










Businesses that benefit from Eyecast SolutionAny business that needs up to 24 cameras installed on a single premise will benefit from Eyecast video surveillance solution. Quick service restaurants, full service restaurants, convenience stores, chain stores, all retail businesses, professional offices, business buildings, elderly/nursing care, gas stations and check cashing stores can take advantage of Eyecast cloud based video surveillance service.

How do I get Eyecast solution for my business ? Contact Us if you are intrested in the Eyecast video surveillance service.

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